Before coaching with Melissa I felt I was at a crossroads in my career but I could not figure out what the path forward would look like for me. I was unsatisfied with the options I could come up with, and I was confused and afraid to begin tackling the question of my own career advancement.

Since coaching with Melissa, there’s been a complete shift in my understanding of my value which allowed me to negotiate a new role and a raise. It’s a new holistic feeling of value, distilled into hard dollars… so it’s less about the raise but more about what it signifies.

Kelly Shen, Senior Program Manager, Simon Fraser University

It was an incredible experience to work with Melissa. I’m feeling prouder that my inner-confidence levels are increased more than ever before.  Also, when I applied the learned strategies/tools in my ongoing writing projects such as fellowship applications and grants, I could see the improving my confidence, reducing the anxiety and fear, and experience positive results by applying them correctly.