I was an academic achiever, externally motivated, looking for someone to tell me what to do, checking all the boxes into my 40th year and I was still searching for fulfillment.

I’ve read all the self-help books, studied the teachers, done all the journaling.

I was in my head about what I wanted for years. Until, I started to do the real work of transformation.

I’ve had the struggles, shifts, and lots and lots of practice with doing this work. 

I’ve faced the problems listed below, found solutions, have had my own coaching and mentoring.

Now, I want to help create awareness for you through coaching.

I’ve let go of the golds stars and found my north star,

and I want to share what I’ve learned so that it can be easier and faster for you.


Tell me, do you find yourself

>Being motivated externally?

>Determining your value based on comparison to others?


>Procrastinating unless there’s pressure?

>Working evenings and weekends?

If you excelled academically, you might be well-practised at these and they may have served you in school.

But now, whether you’re in grad school, post doc, early career research, mid-career researcher or have left academia altogether,

It’s time to ask: are they serving you now? 

Here’s some more clues if this system is no longer serving you:
>You’re checking the boxes in personal and career life, yet feel unfulfilled

>You’re exhausted from working evenings and weekends 

>Your go to tools for getting things done are lists, pressure and deadlines

>You keep taking more courses or school or webinars

>You have an expectation of your supervisor to tell you what to do

>Making decisions without talking to anyone about it is uncomfortable
>Writing a thesis or paper or grant feels hard 

>Creating time for yourself feels hard 

>Understanding what YOU truly want feels unclear 

If this is you, it is time for a new system.

If you decide to work together with me, you will learn how to: 

-Let go of systems that are no longer working for you

-Get clear on what YOU want

-Set and achieve goals designed by you

-Get clear on your value and strengths

-Say no and create and maintain boundaries  

-Stop procrastinating 

-Stop using pressure to motivate

-Create your own motivation

-Focus on what you can control and take responsibility

-Make more independent decisions to establish and maintain momentum with less feedback

-Stop working evenings and weekends 

-Take time off more consistently 

– Stop only taking time off to recover 

If this is resonating for you, email me for a consult where we get clear on your specifics of where you are now, where you want to be and what’s in the way. 

I share with you a plan about what our work together would look like and where we would focus our attention together first based on what you shared. 

If you decide to work together with me to implement this plan, we start with an intention-setting and scheduling call where we set your goal that you want to achieve in the next 6 months, and what we will see as markers along the way to show us you are on track. 

Then, I coach my clients 1:1 for 6 months with bi-weekly one hour coaching calls. 

In each call, we celebrate your progress, look at your actions from last time and connect in around challenges that are coming up now. We co-create next steps and we stay with it until you create your result, celebrating all along the way.

Join me for a one-on-one, one-hour, free consult call with me where we will: 

>Unpack what’s happening right now for you 
>Imagine what’s possible for you 
>Identify obstacles and strategies to overcome them
>Create a clear path to create the result you want

Step out of confusion and into clarity.

The path is here and waiting for you.

Get started today by emailing me for a consult and tell me what resonated most with you here.

Melissa ❤️