Warning! If You Stop Working to Exhaustion You May Become More Productive

The other night my intention was to work until 9 and then take some time to myself. I wasn’t done everything that I wanted to get done and I was questioning whether I should push through or let go of what I wanted to get done and stay with my intention of my bedtime meditation, … Continue reading Warning! If You Stop Working to Exhaustion You May Become More Productive

Being Reminded

This week I participated in this phone call:  Hello? Hello, is this Melissa? Yes.This is the doctor's office calling Yes.I am calling to remind you that you have an appointment tomorrow at 930.Yes.Thank you.Thank you. ByeBye. For some reason this call felt sort of awkward. I have the appointment in my calendar and I am committed to … Continue reading Being Reminded

From Stream to Story

A colleague of mine shared that a 1950s paper written in a top tier journal was written in a stream of consciousness and there was no story.  My, how things have changed! On one hand, I can see a certain beauty or truth in the data being presented as a stream of consciousness. It is … Continue reading From Stream to Story

Cultivating High Energy for Your Writing

This week I noticed I was feeling a bit ho-hum about a particular writing task. I knew didn’t want to feel bored, annoyed, suffocated, which was how I was feeling. And, what I really wanted was to have fun, enjoy my strengths of language and creativity, to feel free, breathing and alive while completing this … Continue reading Cultivating High Energy for Your Writing

Supportive Structures as High Resistance Activities

I haven’t been climbing in many years but I was watching my five year old Maggie make an indoor ascent over the holidays and I shouted to her: “Find your feet and your hands will follow.” As I heard myself say it, I thought, well, isn’t that the truth.  Often times we have our hands … Continue reading Supportive Structures as High Resistance Activities

Skating and Writing?

One of the highlights during our holiday time was teaching the girls (ages 5 and 3) how to skate in the rink David made in our backyard.  Based on very sound advice plucked from youtube, we focussed on learning how to fall and get up first instead of learning how to skate. It occurred to … Continue reading Skating and Writing?

Procrastination Saturation

In this season of “things to do” and “places to be” we can easily lose our sense of what we truly want.I almost gave myself permission to not write my post this week. This season is a field of reasons to not be writing and it’s easy to reach procrastination saturation: the point at which you … Continue reading Procrastination Saturation

Bertha von Suttner and Making Peace with Writing

Yesterday I was intrigued by the google home page. It was an inspiring picture of a regal woman holding a book in open palms with pages that were turning into doves as they floated away from the book. This picture was hitting a lot of buttons for me: her crown and regal nature, her connection to … Continue reading Bertha von Suttner and Making Peace with Writing

Loving your Writing Time

Most of my clients connect with me because they have been procrastinating about writing because it makes them feel anxious. Interestingly, one of the shifts that they often experience through our work together is in their relationship with time. Understanding what we want to create and aligning our time with what we want (vs. what … Continue reading Loving your Writing Time

The Gift of Quiet

This week I have been experiencing laryngitis. How interesting.It has beautifully reminded me of what happens when choose to stay succinct--or maybe even quiet--especially when you are presented with complaining, confusion or someone's desire to be right. What happens when you listen only responding succinctly and you do not engage in complaining, confusion or righteousness? Well, it … Continue reading The Gift of Quiet