Even the Smallest Intentions Blossom into Meaning

Early in the morning I make notes for my daughters and husband before I leave the house in silent steps while they are sleeping.

One day I left Maggie and Alice notes that I would think of them during the day whenever I saw a certain colour:  yellow for Maggie (her favourite) and orange for Alice (I didn’t know it at the time, but it seems like it could be her favourite).

At lunchtime, I thought to myself – “Oh, right. I need to look for yellow and orange.”IMG_6310

As I headed back to my office from the kitchen I noticed a vase full of fake flowers just outside my office and it was mostly yellow and orange. There it was – a mixture of orange for Alice and yellow for Maggie – beautiful and bountiful and timeless – right outside my door all the time and I had not noticed it before.

I told Maggie the story about what I found that was yellow and orange she said, “That’s such a lovely story.”

Isn’t it wonderful how we can bring attention to something and create a new meaning for it through intention?

Now whenever I see this vase full of flowers, I think of my girls. Isn’t it amazing how we create meaning out of nothing by planting the simplest intentions?

Tell me if you have ever played with the power of your intentions in the comments below. I would love to hear about your experiences.

Hope you are having a great week!


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