Do you feel like you need big chunks of time to write?

We have this idea that we need big chunks of time to write and when we don’t have them then we don’t have time to write. This is an imaginary time management problem.

I believe the desire for the big chunks of time is because getting into the flow of writing seems to require an elaborate entrance.

I believe that the reason for this slow and elaborate entrance is Resistance, which is described in Steven Pressfield’s The War on Art.

It is what stands between you and your writing. It’s what’s holding us back, while something else pulls us forward and the tension that those two parts of us creates.

Knowing and understanding that Resistance exists and will always exist is critical to understanding the writing process.

And, guess what?! The more you care about what you are writing, the more Resistance you will have.

So, if the Resistance is always there, the question becomes, how can we move through the resistance more easily and make the entrance into the flow of writing faster?

What I recommend that has worked for me and I see working for my clients is to use the following process when resistance arrives, and it will:

1) Notice that Resistance is coming up and use it as a flag that you are headed in the right direction

2) Write down all your thoughts that are coming up around your resistance and take a look at them

3) Be kind to yourself and ask what is this really about?

By beginning to shine a light on your Resistance, there is nowhere for it to hide. When it knows you accept it as a part of you it will open you up to the possibilities of moving forward and being pulled closer and closer to what you truly want.

If you find yourself having trouble getting started writing or feel like you need to have a lot of time and space ahead of you in order to get any writing done, I invite you to email me at to schedule a Discovery Call where we will talk more about what’s happening for you and whether the work I do makes sense for you.

Ps – I did a little dance with Resistance before I wrote this post!

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