After you change your relationship with writing, what’s next?

If you no longer dreaded or procrastinated about writing and you could just sit down and write whenever you wanted with ease, what would it create room for in your life? 

Maybe you would you be wondering about the next stage of your career or how to create more time with your friends and family or maybe on how to focus more on your research, your contributions, or your community? 

This is a natural part of the transformational process. As we create change for ourselves we naturally open up the space for what wants to come in next and live with us for a while in order to be transformed. 

Have you been living with the challenge of writing for a while? 

Are you ready to commit to creating real, sustainable change for yourself and letting go of this problem that you have become so familiar with? 

Do you see how if you could create change for yourself around this problem how you would open yourself up to even more possibilities? 

It’s kind of exciting, and kind of scary too, right? Sometimes, we may want to hang on to a problem because it’s familiar; at least it’s something that brings us certainty. 

This is something that I support my clients through. As we move through the challenges that come up for us when changing our relationship with writing we also create space for the next challenges to come up and explore. 

My clients continue to amaze me with their commitment to doing the inner work that is required to create the outer work that is different than what they have experienced before. 

Are you ready to create a different relationship with your writing by doing the inner work? Are you ready to see what lies ahead for you beyond dreading and procrastinating about your next writing project? 

What would be next for you? 

If you would like support with creating sustainable change for you and your relationship with writing, I would encourage you to email me at to schedule your complimentary Discovery call where we will look at what’s happening for you and see if the work that I do is a good fit for you or not.

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