3 Ways To Shift Your Belief in Yourself from your Head to your Heart

If I could wave a magic wand and change something for you as you pursue your academic career – something that would make it all so much easier – what would that be? My wish for you would be that you instantaneously truly felt a belief in yourself.

I know, I know. It’s been overdone. But hang in here with me for a minute. For me, realizing that I really believed in myself and what I have to give has been a fundamental shift that has changed my momentum in my life.

Obviously, this is not a new concept. Of course, intellectually I knew that it was important to believe in myself. As, I am sure, you do too. However, I admit that when I heard this through my personal growth channels I would dismiss it. I thought, sure, of course, I believe in myself. But it was only recently, that I began to truly feel it.

When I looked back on what contributed to the change, I discovered three activities that I invite you to experiment with to shift your belief in yourself from an intellectual concept to truly feeling it:

1) Asking yourself how you are creating value
2) Develop a relationship with your intuition, and
3) When things don’t go as planned, ask what the moment may teach you.

Let me explain a bit more:

  1. Asking yourself: How am I creating value for my ideal clients? Believing that you have something that will be useful to people and create value is fuel for believing in yourself. For me, I found that while I was listening to entrepreneurship podcasts there were questions that came up about mindset that I knew I could answer and provide the “how”. It made me realize that I had something worthwhile to share. Something that others needed if I was just willing to open up and release it.
  2. Develop a relationship with your intuition. I believe your intuition is critical for many things, and what I know for sure is that it is the part of you that already believes in you. It is the voice inside that is saying yes. I invite you to treat your intuition like your best friend and participate in the conversation by a) being open to your intuition, b) listening to your intuition and c) acting on your intuition. This is a process and I encourage you to stay in practise with it.
  3. When things are not going as planned, ask yourself: what could this moment be teaching me? This will promote a shift from you asking “Why is this happening to me” to “Why is this happening for me”. There is definitely a connection between believing in yourself and believing that everything is happening for you.

What’s powerful about feeling a belief in yourself is that it acts as an antidote for fear, doubts and worry. If you are struggling with any of these, I really want to invite you to experiment with some of these practical ways that you can begin to developing your belief in yourself, in a “feel it in your bones” kind of way.

Pls let me know what happens as you experiment with these by emailing me at support[at]melissaeanders.com. I have found these activities to be very powerful for developing a belief in myself and I wanted to share them with you.

Keep Going!


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