How Do You Cope with the Discomfort of Writing?

My yoga teacher asked us to notice what comes up in our minds when you enter a pose and take it to the point of discomfort without hurting yourself. She shared that what comes up for us in this state of discomfort can be a pattern that we see for ourselves elsewhere as we interact with the world and come up against discomfort in other areas. 

Similarly, there is a discomfort associated with our writing. As we stay in process connecting with ourselves and our writing, myself and my clients begin to see the patterns that we use to cope with that discomfort.

Sometimes just shining the light on the pattern can be enough.

Sometimes it keeps coming up for us again and again so that we can have opportunities to process it.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to see when it’s happening when it is gently and kindly pointed out to us.

This is all a part of the process of shedding old patterns and creating new ones. As we move through these steps with guidance, we begin to see how we can change other areas of our life and we do. In this way, we can use writing as a portal to personal growth and acceptance of our true selves. 

My yoga pose revealed to me that I was moving between both being present with the discomfort and distracting myself with the next task. My brain kept asking: What’s the next thing I need to do after class? What do I need to get done? It reminded me that, as I continue to practise staying present with discomfort, that the way through is not to distract with my next “to do” but to be present with it and pay attention to it. 

What is your discomfort around writing revealing to you? 

If you feel discomfort when writing and you would like to learn how to process it and grow, please connect with me by email to ask for a complimentary Discovery Call where we will connect with what’s happening for you and whether the work I do with my clients will be a good fit for you. 



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