Supportive Structures as High Resistance Activities

I haven’t been climbing in many years but I was watching my five year old Maggie make an indoor ascent over the holidays and I shouted to her: “Find your feet and your hands will follow.”

As I heard myself say it, I thought, well, isn’t that the truth. 

Often times we have our hands grasping outwards at what we should do next and we already feel like we are going to fall because our feet are not stable and we are not grounded. 

When we look down to create stability and support first, it becomes easier to look up and more clearly see what we need to do to move forwards.

In writing, this stability and support can be created through managing your energy, structuring your time, practising keeping the self-commitment to writing time, creating systems to support your writing that work for you and taking small steps forward within those systems. 

It’s easy to see that these all make sense to create as supportive systems. So why don’t we just do this and create more ease in our writing? 

Maggie looking for her footing.

As you may have noticed these are all high resistance activities that in my experience require accountability and support to create in a sustainable way. 

Here’s what I meant by high resistance:

We resist taking care of ourselves and put our own energy and self at the bottom of the to do list. We resist structuring our time because we feel like it will box us in and we will lose the opportunity to be spontaneous or flexible. We create a time to write in our calendar and then we resist showing up to do it. We create a system for our writing but then we get caught up in perfecting the system and end up avoiding writing at all. We make another long list of to dos or create an unwieldy next step that throws us into overwhelm and the inaction that the feeling results in.

Phew. I can just feel the energy of the resistance as I write this. Finding all the reasons to not move towards creating a supportive and stable structure to support you for change. Yep. Been there. And I know for sure that I will welcome it again and again as I continue to change and grow.  

So, does this resonate at all? As you begin to notice the resistance and how it’s showing up for you, you are already in the process of transformation.

And, by focusing on small steps to find our feet to support us as we reach for the next action with our hands takes courage and grit. Staying in process with it and finding ways to stay supported and move through the resistance with more ease. This is the path to sustainable change. Simple but not easy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your writing projects, you are tired of procrastinating and you are ready for sustainable change, please email me at and ask about your complimentary Discovery Call where I will listen to what’s happening for you and we can see if the work that I do may be supportive to you. 

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